Emergency Preparedness Supplies

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Disaster Preparedness Center provides information for educational purposes because disasters come in various forms all over the United States as well as the rest of the world. Whether we face tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, ice or snow storms and even possible terrorist attacks we need to be ready to provide water, food medical assistance and shelter to family, friends and others in need around us.

We can all start with a few dollars a week at the grocery store to get started with extra can goods that will actually be a great start for those without means to invest in other Preparedness Food Supply products. Keep in mind a good manual can opener will be a great help if your power goes out. Other simple needed items should include simple inexpensive items like matches, lighters, candles and salt. In the colder states keep in mind that fire is life.

When considering where to start let us remind you that We humans can live minutes without air, hours without water, days without food. We may not need to prepare for a lack of air in most Emergency or Disaster Preparedness situations then water and food become the priority with shelter a major factor as well.

For water needs we should consider the water supply around us, like creeks, streams, rivers and ponds which then leads us to also think about a way to filter that water if needed. Certain disater possibilities lean towards dealing with a contaminated water supply which could easily become an issue that we may need to deal with during an emergency. A good water filter may be needed to clean contaminated water for personal consumpution for yourself, your family or neighbors in need.

We desire to encourage all Americans to take part in emergency or disaster preparedness for the needs of their family, friends and community. FEMA recommends at least a three day supply of essential items such as food clothing and water for emergency disaster preparedness in your home, car and place of work. We recommend more than a three day supply but we also know that something is much better than nothing at all. Don’t try to just wing it, you will be setting yourself up for a misrable failure. Start small and grow as time goes on.